Karate at CSU East Bay


Karate at CSUEB is run by Alejo Enriquez, 1st Dan USKL. Alejo teaches classes several times a week for free to students at CSU East Bay. Since Alejo has a black belt rank at USKL he is officially qualified to instruct and promote students according to the precepts of Shotokan Karate. A small fee is charged for belt tests, which is used for belts and weapons class materials.

Alejo also teaches weapons classes, which revolves around the use of various foam weapons in the style of sword, staff, short sword, etc.

Alejo used to train at JKA of Silicon Valley in Redwood City, CA. There he holds the rank of 1st kyu provisional. He is not currently training there as his schedule has become too demanding, but he encourages anyone with an interest in top quality shotokan training to attend.

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