About the Instructors and Program

Alejo Enriquez

I started karate at USKL in Upland, California, under Sensei Ty Aponte, at the start of 2004. I was awarded the rank of Shodan in 2006, and graduated from HMC shortly thereafter. In 2009 I joined JKASV in Redwood City, CA, and am currently training under Sensei Jon Keeling there. I also teach karate and weapons classes to students at CSU East Bay.

In addition to training to Shodan in USKL Shotokan, I also hold 3rd kub (green belt) in Ohun Kum Do, and have trained in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Capoiera.

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Debbie Berg

I began practicing Shotokan karate when I was seven. I trained at Way of Japan School of Karate in Alamogordo, New Mexico for three years, under Sensei Herman Luette. I earned the rank of purple belt and then moved away. I continued my training at college, where I encouraged many of my friends to join. There, we practiced USKL Shotokan, taught by Shihan Ty Aponte, Sensei Leo Shortle, and many other wonderful instructors. In 2006, I was awarded my Shodan, or first degree black belt.

After moving to Nebraska, I trained in SKA Shotokan for about 2 years. After giving myself time to get used to the new style, I found that I preferred USKL's style. Therefore, I am currently training on my own and with friends in USKL Shotokan.

Tyler Seacrest

I started martial arts in 2004 doing "Ba Gua" (literallly "eight symbols"), a Chinese martial art related to Tai Chi and focusing on defense against multiple opponents. Also that year, I started Shotokan Karate at United State Karate League in Upland, California, where I eventually achieved a rank of 2nd kyu brown belt. In 2006, I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, and trained in a Shotokan Karate of America dojo, where I achieved a rank of 1st kyu brown belt.


USKL is a Shotokan dojo in southern California founded by Shihan Dean Pickard and currently headed by Shihan Ty Aponte. The focus at USKL is on traditional, rigorous Shotokan karate. Sensei Ty has been an inspiration to all of us.

As Sensei Ty is Shihan (head) of USKL, all black belt tests will be conducted under his direction.

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